Leadership Team

Tian Xu

Over 12 years experience in
energy data analytics at IEA,
S&P, Bloomberg, Orbital

Robert Powell

Over 14 years experience in
energy data analytics at IEA
and international energy
consulting projects


Henrik Holland

Over 16 years at Shell with
roles as COO Shell Greenlots,
Shell Ventures – Cleantech
Lead, Head of Products Shell
Distributed Energy

Mike DeLazzer

Founder of Instant Retail
Systems and Founder of
Redbox LLC

Remi Jolibois-Quinot

Trading Advisory Board
Member currently at Glencore.
Formerly at Vitol and Citadel.

Matthew Schneider

CEO of Vanadium Group

Michael Chen

Senior Fellow at the Oxford
Institute for Energy Studies and
Former IEA and OECD